About the SlipKnot™

How It Works - The Secret of the Stafford SlipKnot™

It’s a simple concept, yet highly engineered to deliver results:

In the Unlocked position, the SlipKnot™ allows single or multiple lines to pass through the cylinder. In the Locked position, it holds securely in place* It's no problem even if the end of the rope isn’t accessible. The SlipKnot™ simply comes apart and can be reassembled precisely in the spot you need it.

* To learn more about the different strength tests applied to the SlipKnot™ please visit the Test Data area.

Rope slides freely through the off-center hole while unlocked
Off-center hole within each half is rotated so as to pinch the rope
Insert Rope
Slide a rope through either side while in the unlocked position

Assembly - When End of Rope Is Not Accessible

Disassemble Collars
While unlocked, unsnap one side of the collar. Repeat this action for the other side
Remove Inserts
Push down to unsnap insert. Repeat this action for the other side.
Assemble Onto Rope
Place grip on rope and snap insert into place. Repeat for the other side.
Reassemble Inserts
Place grip on rope. Snap insert into place. Repeat for the other side
Reassemble Collars
Slide grips together and snap on the SlipKnot™ collars.
To Use
Slide SlipKnot™ freely along rope while unlocked. Twist grips to lock.