SlipKnot™ 2.0

New Features
  • Fits all rope sizes from 1/4" to 1/2"
  • Includes Multipurpose Accessory Cap

All the convenience of the original SlipKnot™ and more! Can't remember your line size or have more than one size? No problem! With interchangeable inserts, SlipKnot™ 2.0 fits all rope diameters from 1/4" to 1/2".

Use the removable Accessory Cap to attach a bungee cord, carabiner or rope loop. Cap fits the original SlipKnot™ too!

Accessory Cap is available for purchase separately. Visit our Online Store.

SlipKnot™ 2.0 Applications

Use Without Accessory Cap
Grip or Stop                      Rope Loop
Use With Accessory Cap
Quick and easy fender tie
Adjustable bungee or caribiner attachment

Getting Started with the SlipKnot™ 2.0

For additional information on the new SlipKnot™ 2.0 such as how to disassemble the device or for instructions regarding assembly onto a rope when the rope end is not accessible please refer to the instructions provided under About the SlipKnot

Locate Rope Diameter
Attach appropriate insert into SlipKnot™ Use with both 3-strand and braided ropes.
Insert Rope
Slide a rope through either side while in the unlocked position.
Loop Rope
Loop a 1/4" rope with 7/16" insert or a 3/8" rope with 1/2" insert.

Using the Removable Accessory Cap

Assembly and Positioning
Use the Accessory Ring to expand the SlipKnot™ use.
Easily remove and replace the Accessory Cap to the SlipKnot™
Unlock the SlipKnot™ to adjust position on the rope.
Fender Use
Assemble to fender as shown with cup facing away from SlipKnot™
Loop Accessory Cap and fender over railing or lifeline.
Snap Accessory Cap over SlipKnot™ then twist to adjust position.